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If there’s one element of moving house that almost nobody enjoys, it’s packing up all of your belongings into boxes prior to the move.

Whatever your reason for disliking packing, Trux Storage & Removals are here to help. For the last thirty five years, we have assisted our clients in Hertford, St Albans, Enfield, Cheshunt, Barnet, Welwyn Garden City, and beyond, earning our reputation as a company to be trusted.

A Hand-Tailored Packing Experience

Everyone’s packing requirements are unique to them, and we see to it that yours meets your own particular requirements. Whether you just need a couple of boxes and some packing tape in Hertford, or you need to pack away an entire house-worth of belongings in St Albans, our team is equal to the task.

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Full And Part Packing Service

When we arrange to pack up your belongings, we take care to wrap up everything in a way that guarantees its safe transit to your new home. Our removals experts have over fifty years of experience between them, and know the best way to pack your items for moving.

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Fragile Packing Service

You might be quite comfortable packing away your clothes, books, kitchen utensils and so on into boxes: however, fragile or delicate objects may require a professional touch. Whether it’s framed artwork and mirrors in Enfield, or flat screen televisions and glassware in Cheshunt, our packing experts will see to it that they are in safe hands throughout the move.

Export wrapping service

Whether you’re making the big move from Barnet to sunnier climates abroad, or sending on some items to someone overseas from your home in Welwyn Garden City, it is important that things are properly wrapped and labelled to make it through customs and arrive safely: something else our team of professionals can attest to.

Packing boxes and materials

If you’d rather pack up yourself, then feel free. We have a range of high quality packing materials, including boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap, available for purchase to help you with the job.

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Your local packing experts

We provide packing solutions across Hertfordshire and London, including to our clients in Hertford, St Albans, Enfield, Cheshunt, Barnet, and Welwyn Garden City.

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